The Real Stone-Age / Sodomy and Gomorrah – Fantastic 2 Presentation Set – AVAILABLE SOON – PRE-ORDER NOW! (Australia Only)


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The Real Stone-Age: History Reveals Evolution’s Lies by Dr John Osgood

Dr John Osgood takes you on an exciting historical journey from Babel onwards – sharing how the Bible’s record of history fits perfectly with what archaeologists find. Was there a ‘stone-age’? Were there really cave-men? Is there evidence that man evolved upwards from using stone tools to more sophisticated technologies? You’ll be fascinated as Dr Osgood discusses the evidence which reveals the truth about mankind’s past.


Sodomy and Gomorrah: God’s Word on Homosexuality by John Mackay

Sodomy and Gormorrah is a great Bible Study on what happened at Sodom. Were the inhabitants destroyed because they were inhospitable, as many theologians teach, or was it because God judged their homosexuality? Find out along with the latest information about the H Gene and what good news God’s Word has for the Homosexual, on the great Bible teaching DVD led by Creation Research Director John Mackay.



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